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the future of bra making

We're brave enough to embrace the unknown. Bold enough to own its mystery.

Where the most inventive bra has been willed into an eternally stylish reality.

and you're the sole creator

We want you to experience first-hand the passion behind our undergarments.

this is a revolution

We disrupted a preconceived fashion rule & made it better.


interpretation. invention.

Surpass the ordinary and create #BRAMAZING

This is The Bra Lab

We are women developing a revolutionary, innovative bra to match modern women's needs. We've all been there, finding the perfect outfit and then saying to yourself, "what bra am I going to wear"? Look no further, we've got your back!

We have created a versatile bra like never seen before

The first side clasping, multiway, interchangeable bra finished with beautiful fabrics. It’s a GAME CHANGER. These supportive and undeniably stylish underpinnings will make everything in your wardrobe fit a little better

Gina Vericella Crevi

Creator & Founding Partner

Gina has been drawn to the art of fashion ever since she was a child. At a young age she began learning the unique art of garment construction from her grandmother, Nonna, a master tailor from Italy, and visual design from her mother, Bonnie, who is known for her artful spirit and innate fashion sense. This artistic upbringing lead Gina to pursue a creative outlet later in life, and after acquiring a bachelor's degree in graphic design at Ole Miss, she decided to create her own chain of contemporary women’s boutiques. She quickly fell in love with working in the fashion industry. Frustration with bra options for the clothing she was buying for her stores brought her to think outside the box. She would go on to create the first prototype of the bra. Gina’s deep appreciation for style, design and an entrepreneurial flair made the perfect storm, and soon The Bra Lab came to be.

Jennifer Vericella Prado

Co-Founding Partner

Like her sister, Jennifer learned the arts of tailoring and design straight from her grandmother and mother. Coming from a family of immigrant entrepreneurs, she was taught the importance of hard work and perseverance at an early age. These influences ignited a love of travel and a passion for business, entrepreneurship & knowledge that would follow her the rest of her life. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from DePaul University in Chicago and a MBA from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. She has work experience at a top global Investment Bank and the United Nations. Her work and travels have taught her the importance of profitability, sustainability and social responsibility, while providing her with business savviness and global stewardship. Jennifer is committed to bettering global education, the environment, and the welfare of animals. These issues are things she has always hoped to bring to her own business.

Gina Nicole Fontanini

Partner & Creative Director

A Small World Indeed. As classmates with Jennifer at DePaul University, after a career of traveling and exploring, all roads truly do lead you home.

A Global Mind, Creative Thinker, and Traveler, Gina is a visual multimedia entrepreneur with an enormous love for the arts, working in Film, Media, Photography, and Sound. She has Captured images and created content to build brands, break boundaries, think outside the box, and pave way for companies, NGO's, artists, and creatives. Gina is a Creative Director and a Brand Maker.

When She’s not producing concepts and content, she’s creating content in sound and music, photography, and Short Films raising social awareness and active in social entrepreneurialism for Labor Camps, Refugee Camps, Women's Rights, and Amplifying Voice and Conversations through the arts.

Kelsey Steigman

Copy Editor

Growing up, Kelsey had an undeniable sense of style that translated into an unyielding thirst for fashion knowledge. She spent hours flipping through fashion magazines, shopping at secondhand stores, and digging in her great aunt’s boxes of vintage jewelry. Her infatuation with clothes only grew as she got older, along with it a flair for writing, leading her to get a bachelor’s degree in apparel merchandising from Illinois State University. Minoring in English, working as Features Editor for her college newspaper, and interning at any fashion-related company she could find enabled her to break into the magazine industry she had always admired. After interning at national websites, like Cosmopolitan.com and Seventeen.com, Kelsey moved to Brooklyn, NY to feed her obsession with styling and wiriting.

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