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I gave it a 3 star because even with measurements, it was too tight. So I'm going to have to go up a couple sizes in order for it to be comfortable. So i feel I waisted money on the product that I so much needed. The material is great and the design but I wish I knew that the size would be completely off to my measurements.

I don’t like how difficult it is to put on

New! Napoletana Lace Bra Set
Laura Sommerfield

I wish they weren’t so stiff. But I do like them. Thank you.

Undergarment solution for leotard

We needed a nude bra with clear shoulder straps and clear back strap for my daughter's leotard with mesh shoulders + low mesh back AND it had to be wireless yet athletically supportive of a fuller bust since she is a competitive gymnast. This is a nearly impossible combination of features. After a desperate extensive search in stores and online, I found The Bra Lab's Rosanna bra. It works! She feels it has great support, and it does not show underneath her leo. Kudos to Gina and exemplary customer service to make sure we had all the parts we needed and wanted - thank you so much!

Great bra for a special event. Initially I ordered the wrong cup size but exchanging it was no problem at all. Thanks!

Meh, good idea…needs refinement.

Cups are too far apart. When worn the center buckles, resulting in a weird crease. Tried a size up, just in case I’d selected the wrong cup size based on the fit tool. Normally a 38DDD.

Good fit, tag irritated skin a little.

Slightly small

Next time I would order the next size band up because it’s just a little too tight for me, would be ok if I was wearing strapless though.

Slightly small

Next time I would order the next size band up because it’s just a little too tight for me, would be ok if I was wearing strapless though.

Love it!

Love the feel and fit of the wireless bra cups and shoulder straps.

the perfect "real" bra

While this wasn't the most comfortable bra I've ever worn, it was the best "real" bra I've tried after having kids. For reference I am 42 years old and a 30FF, and I got a size 6 bra cup with a medium back. i have an every day bra that is comfortable but I would never wear it if I was getting dressed up. I love that this bra didn't have a huge gap built into it (my breasts are close together) and it didn't give me armpit fat. I love that the straps are convertible too.


Wife loves it, looks great on her so I am happy too.

Incredibly comfortable!

This is definitely my go-to bra as someone who hates wearing bras these days. Super comfortable and is both padded enough so the nips don’t poke through and offers way more shape than a sports bra. Docking a star because the straps are constantly coming unhooked at the front and because the bra shape is a bit funky on me (after wearing for a bit during the day the material underneath my boobs clumps up. Not so much that it can be seen under clothes and it’s not uncomfortable, but it would’ve been nice if that didn’t happen.) Despite all that, I’m still getting this in beige as well because the comfort factor is unparalleled!

Rosanna Wireless Bra Cup + Shoulder Straps

Angelina Strapless/Convertible Underwire Bra Cup

Best bras I've ever owned!

These are amazing! I actually was reaching a point where I was considering making my own bras because I'm finding it is harder and harder to find underwire in surrounding stores. I could not be happier with this purchase! I now have matching undergarments that fit every occasion or need and I'm beyond thrilled. They are super comfortable, supportive, and straps can be adjusted to any outfit. If you are considering buying these to try, do it. They are wonderful! Never going back to box store brands or victoria's secret ever again.

I like it but it’s not for me

I was looking forward to get this bra set but unfortunately it doesn’t have enough support for the curvy and heavy girls. I’m pleased to say that the customer service are attentive and will do anything to make their customers pleased.

Capri Clear Bra Straps
Sherrie Harris
Hide those straps

As is with every product from Bra Lab these will exceed your expectations and if it doesn't they will find a way to make it all better. The customer service is spectacular.


Couldn’t find cups that fit well. Straps are either too thick or too thin. Side adjustment is uncomfortable and not easy. Great idea, but in execution it’s just more effort than it’s worth.

Great in theory, too tight in reality

I wish they had a more diverse size range. I picked the biggest available and hoped for the best. I have a large band and smaller cups. This doesn’t work at all, I’m terms of comfort. I’m a single mom so had no time to initiate a return, but this was money waisted.

Fit great

So comfortable and don’t slide

This is such a comfortable, extremely versatile, customizable bra- I love it!

Love this bra

Fits great! Love being able to buy separate parts.

Nice Quality product ut did not fit

I ordered my size according to the size charts and it was way too BIG. I exchanged for the next size down and that was too SMALL. Returned everything for a refund. Unfortunately his brand is not for me.

Dress Modification

I bought these to see into a strapless white dress. They worked beautifully!!!