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Finally a back strap without an ugly back closure. Hidden closures located on the sides of the back straps leave a seamless look across the back as well as more balanced support and more adjustment options to provide a better fit. Multi-loop options on the inside of the back strap allow you to wear multiple shoulder straps at the same time or to move them around to fit your trickiest wardrobe needs.

Silicone strip across the inside back strap gives a non slip support while going strapless. Best of all, you can mix and match any back strap to our cups.

Sizing: 30-34 (approx 15 1/2in. long) accommodates band sizes 30,32,34. 34-38 (approx 17 1/2in. long) accommodates band sizes 34,36,38.

Each item is sold separately. You must purchase a Bra Lab cup to wear with our back straps. 

Not sure which bra to get? For general questions send us an email or a pic of your outfit to our stylist

Model wearing size 30-34 

Material: Bamboo Cotton/Spandex

Care: Hand Wash

Patented Design

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Before ordering please use the correct cup style size chart below to convert your size