10 Top Benefits Of The Side-Clasp Bra System

We get it. The side clasp or side closures (whichever you want to call it) are different. They look like hard work, and some worry they might come apart. 

It’s a fairly new concept but one which is catching on quickly. Here we talk about some of the benefits of a side-clasping bra, from the way it fits to the way it looks.

We hope it convinces you to give the Bra Lab a go, so you can change the way your bra makes you feel….forever. And we offer free returns & exchanges, so really, what do you have to lose?

10 top benefits of the side-clasp system

1. You Get a Custom Fit

Back in 2012 we were running clothing boutiques in Chicago and hearing about women’s bra problems, particularly related to clothing they could not wear because they couldn’t find a bra to go with it. So we decided to create and patent the side-clasp, allowing for seamless back bands and a gorgeous strapless solution (with optional straps) that would allow women to wear what they wanted. 

Fast forward a few years, we found that our most loyal customers loved our product, not for the meant-to-be-seen (or hidden) straps and back bands, but for the custom fit. Having two pieces to the core components of the bra - the cups and the back bands, mean that women no longer have to conform to regular bra sizes which just ASSUME we’re all perfectly in proportion. We were blown away by our customers who would tell us that they had a small rib cage but large breast size (and vice versa) and had never before found a bra that fitted them so well.

With the Bra Lab you can go as high as an H cup with an XS back band. Or a small AA cup with an XL back band. And with 3 tightening options on either side, your bra is able to be custom-fitted even further, and also won’t stretch out as quickly.

If you haven’t already, check out our bra builder. It gives you the option to build your bra out of 2-3 separate pieces. Our size converter will convert your traditional bra size for you. 


2. Your Strapless Bra Won’t Slip Down

Another amazing side-benefit to the dual side clasp that we weren’t necessarily aiming for is the fact that the support being evened out on two sides allows for a strapless bra that doesn’t slip down gradually throughout the day, nor will it ride up. As long as the size is right and snug, the clasps don’t rub and the bra stays in place. We’ve even had ladies in G cups tell us that it’s the only strapless they can wear.

Our strapless bra is our Angelina Bra Cup with any back band of your choice. This has always been our best-seller. You also have the option to add straps if you want a complete bra look or need the extra support. 


3. It’s Actually MORE Comfortable

Yes, this turns out to be true in many cases. Our customers tell us that our Angelina cup is the only strapless bra that does not slip down meaning less tugging and pulling all day and night and more comfort generally. Our Rosanna cup is made from buttery soft fabric and our side clasps have extra cushioning. The key with both cups is to get the right fit. The side clasps won’t rub as long as they fit properly. On both cups the side clasps also soften with each wash. Be sure to hand wash your bras and lay them flat. 


4. Interchangeable Back Bands & Straps Save You Money

Most bra experts and bra companies recommend replacing your bras every 6 months after frequent wear. 6 months?? That can be very costly and also sounds like a bit of a waste. The reason for this frequent replacement is that straps ultimately stretch out. The heavier your bust, the more likely this is to happen at a faster rate. 

With the Bra Lab we can assure you that our cups are built to last. Simply swap out your bands and straps for as little as $8 when you feel they’ve started to stretch out. 


5. Better For The Environment

Your bra lasts longer. When there is less ‘throw away’ there are less textiles going into landfill which is just better for the planet. Beware of cheap imitations or ultra cheap bras in general. They may feel ok initially but they simply won’t last. You’re better off investing in a bra that will go the distance - and one that is still affordable of course!


6. Affordability

With our interchangeable pieces, made possible by our side-clasps, we are able to create many different bras and styles with just one or two bra cups. No more buying a different bra to go with the one outfit. 


7. Clear Options

Our unique side-clasp system along with our upgraded silicone Capri Clear Back Band gives you the no-show look that so many people are after. This band is still our best seller. We’re all for showing off a gorgeous back band, but if you want to keep things discreet and keep your outfit the main focus whilst still getting the support you need, then this clear back strap bra is for you. You can wear the Capri Clear Back Band with our Angelina Cups as a strapless or with optional shoulder straps. Our super supportive wireless cup - the Rosanna - must be worn with shoulder straps. Opt for the clear ones for a discreet combo and wear them over the shoulders or just one of them as a halter around the neck.


8. It’s a Great Option For Dancers And Bridesmaids

The side clasp allows for that clear back band across the back which has helped many girls and ladies who have come to us looking for an option for their low back dance costumes or low back bridal or bridesmaids dresses. There are a few major occasions in life where we don’t get to have complete choice over what we wear and dance competitions and bridal parties seem to be two of those occasions. And often the outfits have low backs! The side clasp allows for that clear or neutral option across the back, with no ugly back-clasp showing.


9. Easier to Put on Your Bra

Visitors to our online store often ask us if it’s hard to put on a Bra Lab bra. To be honest, there IS an extra step involved but clasping your bra at the side is simply much easier than clasping it at the back. Perhaps you’re one of the many many many women out there who attach their bra at the front before swiveling it round to the back? Well, this is a very fast way to wear out your bra. Read our blog post about this. And google around! The sooner you can get used to proper ways of clasping the better. And a side-clasp simply makes this easier.


10. Free Returns & Exchanges

The Bra Lab has a great returns policy as we understand how difficult it can be to buy a bra online! 

So you can try the side-clasp system for yourself. What have you got to lose?

If you haven’t already, check out the bra builder. It gives you the option to build your bra out of 2-3 separate pieces. Our size converter will convert your traditional bra size for you. 

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