a new bra system

Step into a world of all new possibilities. Dare to ditch your traditional, one piece bras, and open up your options, at a fraction of the price. Unlock versatility, interchangeability and design your new bra system that allows you to make your bra collection work for you.

Giving Women the Freedom to Wear What They Want

Running boutique clothing stores for years, we saw too many women find the perfect dress, only to second guess their choice because they didn’t have a bra that would work with it. Then, we had a breakthrough with our innovative side-clasping system, providing an expanded size range, interchangeable straps, and configurations that could work with almost any outfit. Finally, women would be free to wear what they want.

We'll help you find

The Perfect Bra

We’re not all built the same way. So why are we forced to find some right combination of numbers and letters in styles that we don't like? We designed our bras to work for you, and for you to pick the exact styles that you want.

A good bra shouldn't just fit. We've designed our bras to be endlessly flexible, because why have a favorite bra that can only be worn with a few outfits? Whatever the outfit, whatever the situation, our bras are made to adapt.

Our Story

It all started one late summer night, when we decided to cut up our bras and innovate on something that hadn't been changed in over 100 years. Our Nonna was a tailor from Italy, who taught us a thing or two about materials, quality and craftsmanship. So we went to work on our anti-traditional bras. Not only did we create the first side-clasping bra, we invented a new bra system – a system that actually improved women's everyday lives.

By providing women with support, expanded sizes, interchangeable straps, and configurations that could work with almost any outfit, we gave them control. Designed by women, for women. As women in a male dominated industry, and as innovators in an industry with strict guidelines and an unwillingness to change, it was an uphill battle bringing our products to market. But we weren't raised to take no for an answer. We never cared if it was too hard. We never said, "we can't". We were raised by entrepreneurs, risk takers, immigrants, and hard workers. We know there's always a way when you're passionate and believe in your idea.