6 Strapless Bra Tips

Ladies, we’ve all been there, finding the perfect dress or top and then saying to yourself what bra am I going to wear?? We have broken down the 6 tips you need to find your perfect strapless bra to wear with any outfit!

  1. Sizing- Most women are wearing a completely wrong size, the best way to get your size is to use your measurements. Your strapless bra should be snug but not too tight that it hurts. 
  2. Do the jump test- Jump up and down to make sure your strapless isn’t going anywhere and that it stays in place!
  3. Skip The Lotion- Avoid wearing lotion, oils or baby powder on the areas in which your wearing your strapless bra. This will just enhance slippage.
  4. Always hand wash your bra - Your bra is crafted of many components that need to be taken care of for longevity. Always hand wash after every use, especially in the summer.
  5. Molded Cups or Bandeaus- Molded cup give more support, lift and shape. Bandeaus will not give the same lift if you are looking for that. 
  6. Extra Features- If there are no skin allergies silicon can be a great feature to keep the bra in place! Also to get more wearing benefits from your strapless bra look for multiway strap features to wear with tricky necklines and open backs.

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