How to refresh your entire wardrobe (without spending money on new clothes!)

Times are tough right now and we’re all worried about the future. For many of us, now is not the time to be splurging on new outfits. 

But on the other hand, with all the time at home, it’s a great time to go through your closet and spruce up what is already there. 

What we love about the Bra Lab, is that these meant-to-be-seen bra straps can give last year’s top, t-shirt, sweater or dress an on-trend boost.

Once you’ve purchased a set of cups, new straps start at as little as $8. It’s a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to prolong and refresh your existing wardrobe and give your outfits a bit of a makeover. 

Here are some pics for inspiration of more basic outfits that just needed a little refresh….


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