Organizing Your Bra Drawer

I don't know about you, but when we created The Bra Lab, we were sick of having a mess full of bras in our drawer and never the right bra to wear with our cute outfits, such as low back or open back tops and dresses or off the shoulder sweaters.  We decided to cut up our bras and do something that would change the way bras are worn forever.  
We literally took our scissors and cut the sides off of our cups. We were sick of ugly back clasps ruining our looks. 
Not only did we want to create a chic bra that would be a staple problem solver, but it would also be a life saver to our over crowded bra drawer!
Check out the pic to see how organized you will be with our bra system!

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I love these bras! I’m too endowed to go without a bra, so these allow me to wear the backless or cut out shirts that are really popular, while still getting support.


OMG I LOVE this bra and how customizable it is. Instead of needing to get a bunch of different bras in different colors you can just get different straps and backs!


Customer for life! I just got mine in the mail and oh my gosh!! I'm in love! Time to buy a ton of backless shirts that I've never been able to wear before. The fit is amazing.


I'm so happy with my set! It's a struggle finding bras that have big cups and small bands and I LOVE the idea!