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By Kim Kennedy

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 3/24/2019

Interchangeable Angelina Contour Cup Manhattan Black | The Bra Lab

It seems today we are bombarded with custom services. Custom meal plans, a custom cell phone plans and even skincare developed to our custom needs. One thing I am not accustomed to, is a bad bra. As women we all know the joy, heartache and back ache, an ill-fitting bra can cause. Thus we are romanticized into the concept of a “custom” bra. But just how did match up to those expectations and to it’s competitors.

Let’s talk design: Bra Lab offers a simple, but effective design. Personally I adore simple colors, nudes blacks etc., but I’m sure for some, their color choices would be a little too, simplistic. However they more than make up for this in their offerings of interchangeable straps and strapless designs. It seems to be almost endless the possibilities which Bra Lab have allowed its clients in their choice of clothes.

Interchangeable Bettina Black Wireless Lace Bralette | The Bra Lab

If you’ve ever needed a bra for a blouse or dress, which seemed perhaps too intricate to wear any support underneath, Bra Lab has got you girl! Their designs are the ideal mix of comfort and se appeal. Again, the designs are simply done, but the fabric used and fit worked perfectly for me. With small touches of lace, they leave you feeling as if you’ve put on your nicest “traditional bra” with the added bonus of different strap options. The website takes you through step by step, first you select your cup size & design, from there you choose your straps.

The prices are as to be expected, a little higher than the lowest on the market, but extremely affordable and in my opinion, a must-try! Don’t take my word for it…


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I love these bras! I’m too endowed to go without a bra, so these allow me to wear the backless or cut out shirts that are really popular, while still getting support.


OMG I LOVE this bra and how customizable it is. Instead of needing to get a bunch of different bras in different colors you can just get different straps and backs!


Customer for life! I just got mine in the mail and oh my gosh!! I'm in love! Time to buy a ton of backless shirts that I've never been able to wear before. The fit is amazing.


I'm so happy with my set! It's a struggle finding bras that have big cups and small bands and I LOVE the idea!