This Brand Wants to Help Design Your Perfect Bra

Unless you’re part of the select group of women who have the ability and confidence to go bra-free, over-the-shoulder-holders are a part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. Thankfully, women’s underwear has come a LONG way from the days of corsets and we now have more options than before, from bralettes that are both stylish and supportive to nursing bras that actually look good. But there’s still room for improvement because today’s woman deserves many more options to fit her lifestyle and wardrobe. That thought launched The Bra Lab, a new service aiming to reinvent the standard bra.

The Bra Lab was founded by sisters Gina Vericella Crevi and Jennifer Vericella Prado who, after watching countless women trying to accommodate newer fashion styles with old-fashioned bras, decided that there was a need for a new-and-improved design. Their patented concept features three separately sold bra components: molded bra cups with multiple loop placement options, dual side-clasp back straps and multi-way shoulder straps, which gives us a truly multipurpose and customizable bra.

The biggest game-changer is their side-clasping strap (seriously, why wasn’t this a thing before?). Not only does this mean you can wear a bra with a backless top and not have the clasps showing, but you can completely change the look of your underthing with a simple switch. The straps come in a range of solid colors from black to bright pink, as well as other options like the Parisian Pinstripe ($18) and the Catalonian Lace and Leather Back Strap ($20). Add in the numerous choices for shoulder straps, and you really have an endless variety of different styles you can create.

The Bra Lab recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to help fund their new collections and be able to give customers an increased range of sizes, better fabrics, and more designs. Their plans for the Fall/Winter line include a redesigned cup and a lace bralette that will still feature their dual side-clasp back strap.

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