Top 10 Best-Selling Straps for Summer 2020

The Bra Lab customers are favoring neutral colours this summer with our Capri Clear Back Band in the number one slot again this season

Maybe it's a reflection of our collective mood as we continue to navigate the pandemic...

Maybe we're just preferring to 'play it safe' in these uncertain times....

Maybe we're just feeling a little beige these days....

Whatever the reason, Bra Lab customers around the US are favoring our neutral coloured products such as Clear, Beige, Black and White this summer.

Read on for the list of our top 10 summer best-sellers for 2020:

1. Capri Clear Back Band 

Inspired by the crystal clear waters of Capri, off the coast of Italy, this functional back band allows you to wear your open back tops, sweaters and dresses without going bra-less or bothering with sticky bras. It's subtle, discreet and allows your outfit to take centre stage. 

2. Abu Dhabi Beige Back Band

Our Abu Dhabi Beige back band is a beautiful neutral back strap to suit all outfits, colors and skin tones. Whether you’re looking for a nude look or a contrasting neutral shade, this back strap is one of our most versatile and most popular year after year. 


3. Napoletana Lace Back Band

An all season classic and a summer favorite with Bra Lab customers this year is our sexy black lace back band. The delicate floral lace gives you a flirty look when peaking out of backless tops or dresses and looks amazing with solids or prints and patterns.

4. Catalonian Lace & Leather Back Band 2-in-1

One of our staff favorites too, this floral lace and provocative high quality vegan leather is a great racerback and lacey look. Customers say that it helps them feel confident and adds something special to even their basic low back tops.

5. Havana White Lace Back Band

One of our bestsellers of all time, this delicate and crisp white back strap is the picture of elegance. It’s fresh, vibrant and the scalloped edges and lace make for an ultra feminine look. Customers like its versatility as it pairs well with blacks, colors, whites and off-whites. And it looks great on all skin tones.

6. Capri Clear Shoulder Straps

These straps are a favorite as you can get the appearance of going strapless or bra-less without actually having to. These clear shoulder straps support you while being super discreet and giving you a clean, bare look around your shoulders. Customers report that they are firm enough for good support while being stretchy enough for comfort.

Clear shoulder straps

7.Abu Dhabi Beige Shoulder Straps 

These luxe beige shoulder straps have a slight shimmer to the fabric and a hidden seam so you can confidently let them show. Gold hardware means they look great with any outfit. Customers of all skin tones are favoring this shimmery neutral look. 

8. Napoletana Lace Shoulder Straps

These thin floral lace straps with scalloped edges are a classic. There are no unsightly seams so it's just a nice lace strap look when it pokes out of tanks. These shoulder straps sell well with our vegan leather back strap which gives a nice contrast.

9. Manhattan Black Back Band

This is our basic black back band - a versatile wardrobe staple. The matt finish can also provide an athletic look during the daytime when exposed against cotton tanks and low back tops.

10. Bondi Beach Back band 2-in-1

This combination back band is a staff favorite so we're not surprised it squeezed into our summer top 10. Customers enjoy getting that delicate bralette look without compromising on support. The 2-in-1 straps are great value as the shoulder straps are combined. It also makes for less decision making in the morning. A win-win!

What are your favorite Bra Lab straps? Which colours, neutrals or styles would you like to see more of? Comment below!


The Bra Lab Team

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