Wireless Bras Vs Underwire Bras

Wire-free or Underwire Bras?

There are pros and cons to both wire-free bras and underwire bras, and usually there is also an occasion for wearing each. We recommend having both options in your bra-drobe. The recent trend in working from home and staying in home has also put comfort above all else and so wireless bras have become more popular.

 The trusty underwire bra and reasons to love it

  • The wire gives you shape and lift, and makes your boobs look great under a t-shirt. If you’re wearing a tight fitted top, an underwire bra is going to give you a nicely rounded silhouette. If sagging is an issue, the underwire will give you extra support.
  • If you are wearing the right size underwire, it won’t dig in. Wires that poke out and cut the skin are generally a result of old bras that need changing or bras that have been washed excessively in the washing machine. If you want to maintain the wire in your bra, hand wash your bras always and leave them to dry flat.
  • It’s really important to buy high quality bras, particularly if you’re going for underwire bras. Bras are intricate and detailed designs. Beware of any underwire bra that costs less than $20 as it won’t have been made well or with quality materials. Your boobs deserve better.
  • There is no scientific evidence or research that links breast cancer or any form of cancer to the underwire in a bra.

Wirefree/ wireless/ no underwire bras – the 2020 comeback bra – and reasons to love it

  • Wireless bras are comfortable AND supportive. There’s no doubt about it. And these bras have come a long way in recent years. If you were born in the 70s or 80s and have never given a wire-free bra a try (because there just weren't many decent ones around in the 90s!)– we suggest you do so. Go for a high-quality wireless bra to make sure you have the proper support. Our Bra Lab Rosanna cup is a new innovation in wireless bras. The wide straps and two side-clasping back clasp connections give you extra support without the need for wire. 
  • For larger ladies, wire-free bras can make their boobs look a little saggy. That’s why you’ll want to go for cups with boning in the sides to bring the boobs together and provide extra side support. Criss crossing straps is also a great option to pull your chest in and up, giving you a little lift without the wire.
  • There is apparently no scientific evidence that shows that wire-free bras increase breast sagging. 
  • Many women find that their boobs have less volume a few years after having breastfed kids and are able to wear wireless bras for the first time. 
  • The best thing about a wireless bra is comfort. And comfort has certainly become a priority in 2020.


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