Fashion adapts. So should your bra.

That’s what prompted us to design a one-of-a-kind, patented bra that allows women to customize their straps and back bands to coordinate with their outfits. 

We’ve been running fashion boutiques for over a decade, and we were constantly hearing our customers’ bra struggles. We knew it was time to create a bra that was intuitive to what women actually need - something to complement the trickiest of outfits. And not something that you need to hide. 

We believe in the modern woman who wears a bra for herself, not her partner. We believe that a woman shouldn’t have to hide or forego their bra in order to wear that dress. We know that going bra-less is just not an option for most women – and nor should it be!  We believe that bra shopping shouldn’t have to be a pain in the boob.

We respect our earth. 100%. The environment, the animals and our dwindling resources…it’s scary and it’s serious. We want to give our customers endless options with just a few staples, and help reduce garment waste. We take pride in our supply chain choices – our bras are made at a manufacturing facility that puts sustainability and ethical practices at the forefront.

We’re an independent, small business and we’re busy moms to boot! We’re passionate, hard working and there’s no time for BS at TBL. 

If you have any feedback, comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at


Rule breaking bras for women who love fashion and quality.  We designed our bras to become a part of your look; an extension of your personality and style. So show that strap, woman. Bare your back! These bras were made to be seen.  Shop Sets Now.

I love these bras! I’m too endowed to go without a bra, so these allow me to wear the backless or cut out shirts that are really popular, while still getting support.


OMG I LOVE this bra and how customizable it is. Instead of needing to get a bunch of different bras in different colors you can just get different straps and backs!


Customer for life! I just got mine in the mail and oh my gosh!! I'm in love! Time to buy a ton of backless shirts that I've never been able to wear before. The fit is amazing.


I'm so happy with my set! It's a struggle finding bras that have big cups and small bands and I LOVE the idea!