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The honest truth about having big boobs is that they are not all they’re cracked up to be. Before anyone starts rolling their eyes, just know that this is MY personal perspective and I am being completely honest. Please feel free to comment, but keep the negative feedback to yourself.

I was a late bloomer and I remember wanting to have boobs so badly. All of the women in my family were small (with the exception of my grandma) so I figured that being small would be my fate…until one day, BANG! They came out of nowhere.

They started attracting the attention, and not the attention that I wanted. Boys were ogling, girls were whispering. I wanted to hide, but most of all I wanted to hide them. I spent most of my high school years in an oversized sweater, during school, that I stole from my dad. And I lived in the Caribbean, where its hot.

My clothes didn’t fit well because I had a small frame and D cups. Dresses and tops had to be tailored to fit me better.

Now, I know that some of you are saying, “That’s a good problem to have”, or “I would kill for bigger boobs”. I get it, I was there once. However, here are 10 problems about having big boobs:

1- Naturally big boobs drop, like a lot!

2- The heaviness can cause back aches.

3- You have to wear two sports bras to workout comfortably.

4- When wearing button down shirts, you have to use fashion tape or safety pins in between buttons.

5- You can’t find cute bras, and you can’t wear bralettes.

6- Loser fitting clothes instantly look like a mumu.

7- When pregnant they’re even bigger and flop to either sides of your belly when laying down, not cute or comfortable.

8- You can easily get quad-boobs with swimsuits. And a wardrobe malfunction.

9- Backless tops or dresses aren’t in your radar.

10- Strapless bras that stay up are really hard to find, if there are any. I still have yet to find one that stays up more than a couple of hours.

All in all, I have come to accept my boobs and my body. I’ve learned how to dress accordingly and know what I can and cannot wear (at least 96% of the time). I’m hoping that my fellow big boob girls get inspired and know that we do have more options out there.

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This is so true, women just don’t understand the problems.

Skyy Bootsma April 03, 2017

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