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Genius Undergarment: The Bra Lab
When I think of bra straps peeking out under a top, my mind instantly snaps to Carrie Bradshaw. She is the iconic character who made a display of lingerie totally acceptable and en vogue. Prior to her bold and playful fashion, straps were meant to be covered completely- if one peeked out, it could be considered a wardrobe malfunction and ruin a photo opp in a second.
I absolutely love it when a designer or stylist takes fashion and promptly turns it upside down. I recently attended an event to showcase a new take on lingerie styling that has changed the way I look at my undergarments- The Bra Lab.

I can't tell you how many times I have tried on a dress or top, only to reject it because I for the LIFE of me couldn't figure out what bra to wear with it. At age 34, going braless is not an option. Those paste on bras? them for the 21 year olds. I need something that is going to keep my figure intact while staying stylish. The ladies of The Bra Lab saw this dilemma and met the challenge head on.
The Bra Lab is the first EVER evolving bra that allows 100% customization and is actually meant to be seen and heard. This isn't any bargain basement project that was slapped together in home-ec either: the founders, sisters Jen and Gina, have roots in the fashion industry. Their grandmother was a master seamstress in Italy, and she has served as their inspiration in solving this undergarment quandary. They received a patent on their state-of-the-art design after years of exploration and experimentation within one of the most glam fashion districts on earth- L.A.
As for comfort? I recently wore one of their newer back strap styles, the Saint-Tropez Crochet, to a red carpet event. After 6 hours of photo sessions, cocktails, dinner and dancing, I was 100% comfortable in the bra. No digging, poking, slipping or stretching- I was thrilled with both the look and feel of this chic style.

Here is a shot of the bra by itself, my getting ready selfie:

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