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Finally, a solution for large chested women!!! Or any woman, really. This is one of those things that makes me go, “why didn’t I think of that?”

If you’re a regular Peppered In Style reader, you may remember a post I wrote a few weeks back about the problems with having big boobs. If you’re new, whether you can relate or not, take a look-see!

As I wrote on that post, one of the biggest problems with having big boobs is not being able to wear open back anything. I mean, you can with a regular bra, but who wants to see the clasp? Just not pretty, right?

Well, the people at The Bra Lab came up with a solution for every woman, not just large chested ones. They seriously have the pretties bra attachments that you’ll definitely want to show off. The concept of their bras is that instead of having the claps in the middle of the back, they are on each side, giving you the option to interchange the back strap to any of their amazing styles and colors; from pretty lace to bold patterns, or just a solid color. They also have extra long adjustable shoulder straps, giving you extended options to wear them. You can see their different styles and inspirations HERE.

I had the amazing opportunity to try out a couple of styles from The Bra Lab, and for the first time I was able to purchase an open back top. Watch out, because I am not stopping there!!! I am elated that more clothing options have opened up for me! My wallet, however, will not be so happy, but hey…

Shown on this post, one of the straps I selected was the solid black back strap, since it has more versatility and I can wear it with so many different tops and dresses. My other selection is a slate blue lace back and shoulder straps, which I’ll show on a different post in the future.

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