Easy Steps to Convert Your Traditional Bra Size to our Better More Comfortable Sizing System

Finding Your Bra Lab size is super easy, especially if you already know your traditional bra size.  You can simply enter your size by clicking the button below

Convert size 


If you aren't sure of your bra size and want to measure first, here's how...It's slightly more complex, but still easy. You take a tape measure and measure around your bust, then band. This gives you two numbers. You can send us an email with these two numbers shop@thebralab.com or use the chat box. 

If you want to do it yourself, the cup size can be calculated using the difference between bust size and band size. 
Bust/band difference in inches US cup size UK/AU cup size
<1 AA AA
1 A A
2 B B
3 C C
4 D D
5 E or DD DD
6 F or DDD E
7 G or DDDD F
8 H FF
9 I G
10 J GG
11 K H
12 L HH
13 M J
14 N JJ




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