Top 7 Bra Tips For Reducing Back Pain

From the makers of The Bra Lab

We developed our ergonomic 2-in-1 back band to complement our side-clasping cups, where breast weight is evenly distributed across your back, to give you the best possible back support bra for posture. In doing so, we found that many of our customers didn’t really know what to look for when it comes to finding the right posture bra for back support and reducing back pain. 

Below are our Top 7 Tips for reducing back pain caused by your bra, as well as a deeper explanation of some of the key issues.

  • Make sure your bra fits properly
  • Make sure your bra straps haven’t stretched out
  • Avoid front closure bras
  • Find dual side-clasping bras
  • Look for ergonomic bras
  • Avoid cheap bras - they won’t last, provide a good fit or give you adequate support.
  • Get adequate exercise and do strength exercises on your back and shoulder blades

  • 1. Make sure your bra fits properly

    It is no secret that a poor fitting bra can lead to back problems. So the first thing you can do with all of your bras is make sure they are fitting you properly. This means checking that your band hasn’t stretched out (and if it has, you need to be wearing it on a tighter hook or investing in a new back band) and also re-looking at your size. Have you gone up a size lately and do you need a new bra? The benefit of the Bra Lab system means you can usually buy a new back band in order to go up one size or to replace a stretched out back band. There is no need to buy a completely new bra! 

    If you have larger breasts you also need to make sure you’re getting adequate support from your shoulder straps. Make sure they are at least 1-inch in width and they are adjusted to provide firm support.

    It’s amazing what a custom fit bra can do for your confidence, posture, comfort and overall wellbeing. As a bra is something we wear all day, every day, it is worth investing the time to find the right fit and the right posture bra to get you the support you need.

    We have a size converter on our website so that you can convert your regular bra size in order to get your Bra Lab size. However, if you want additional sizing support and are not sure your current regular bra size is correct, please email Gina at with your full bust and underbust measurements and she will help you find the right size for a custom fit.

    *Your measurements should be taken around the fullest part of your bust with a soft tape measure (full bust measurement) and directly under your bust around your rib cage at the widest part (for the under bust measurement).


    2. Make sure your bra straps haven’t stretched out

    If your bra straps or back bands have stretched out to the point where adjusting them no longer provides the fit and support you need, it may be time to buy a new bra. The change can be subtle but over-stretching usually happens after 6 months of regular wear. 

    At The Bra Lab, your bra cups will last you for several years and you can simply replace your bands and straps when needed. 

     Bra straps

    3. Avoid front closure support bras

    So many posture bras on the market have front closures. Whilst this gives you a clean looking back seam front closures can actually pull your back forward, making posture worse. The front clasp means that your back band isn’t adjustable so your bra will not last as long. As back bands stretch, you should be adjusting your clasps to keep your bra fitting well for longer. This means that once your front closure bra stretches a little (usually after just a couple of months) it will no longer fit properly. A bad fit is the number one cause of breast and back pain and discomfort when wearing a bra. 

    The front closure also causes chafing and sweating between your breasts at the front. We don’t recommend front closures for the best fit and especially not for posture or back support.



    4. Find dual side-clasping bras

    This isn’t always easy as The Bra Lab are the only makers of a high quality side-clasping bra. However, we do recommend trying this option if you are suffering from back/posture issues. The dual side-clasps not only give you a seamless back band look, and interchangeable for maximum multiway wear. They also distribute your breast weight evenly across your back which increases support and reduces back pain. Many of our well-endowed customers tell us that the Angelina cup is the only strapless bra that supports them all day and doesn’t slip down, thanks to the side closures. 

     Side-Clasping Bra | Side-Closure Bra

    5. Look for Ergonomic Bras   

    Soon after we launched the Bra Lab in 2014 we had some customers writing to us telling us that their side-clasping bra gave them better back support and a more fine tuned fit that was significantly helping with their posture. We discovered that this was due to the dual side-clasps being able to distribute the weight evenly. In 2020 we then launched our wireless Rosanna cup along with ergonomic back band in order to take this posture bra support to the next level. A wirefree bra is often favored by customers with back problems. We designed this bra to have the same support as an underwire bra. So the combination of the Rosanna cup and the ergonomic back band offers the best support bra for posture.

    Our ergonomic back strap creates an ideal posture bra by helping to reduce the stress of your bra and the curve of your back by distributing the weight evenly across the strongest parts of your back. 

     The Bra Lab Ergonomic Bra | Posture Bra | Bra for back support

    6. Avoid Cheap Bras

    It’s very rare to find a cheap bra that will give you a fine tuned and absolutely correct fit, especially if you have larger breasts. Avoid buying cheap bras. Give up your takeaway coffee for a week or two if you have to, but please don’t buy cheap bras!

    Bras are very difficult to design and produce. A cheap bra will likely not have the small details required to get each size to fit properly. They will also not have been fit tested and will use cheaper materials that will rub and irritate your skin. Cheaper bras generally don’t have necessary built-in stabilizers for support and whilst this is more of a problem for larger-busted women, smaller chested women should still wear a supportive bra to avoid posture problems. 

    And the worst part is that cheap bras will stretch out faster and won’t last very long in general which is not only bad for your wallet, but bad for the environment too.

    What is a ‘cheap’ bra?

    Be wary of anything under $30 for a complete bra unless it’s on sale. As bra business owners, we can tell you that it’s very hard to be able to afford to make and sell a good quality bra for under $30.

    At the Bra Lab, our prices are broken up. Straps are much cheaper to make than bra cups and this is reflected in our pricing. You can also feel comfortable investing in a set of bra cups, knowing that when it comes to replacing your stretched out straps, it won’t cost you a lot. Our bra cups should last you for years if you launder them properly and lay them flat.


    7. Get Adequate Exercise 

    There are so many reasons why you may be suffering from back pain and posture issues. A good posture support bra is just part of the solution. Overall you need to get a decent amount of exercise and a focus on strength training for your back and shoulder blades. We recommend yoga and pilates and seeing a physical therapist to set you up with a manageable exercise routine to help your posture. 



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