Is Your Bra Uncomfortable?

Or Are You Worried Your Bra Doesn't Fit Properly?

Tips and tricks from the makers of The Bra Lab

There could be a number of reasons your bra doesn’t feel comfortable. It could be due to a poor fit or it could be a cheaply made bra. 

We recommend investing in time to find your custom fit and investing in buying a bra from a proper manufacturer (beware of cheap imitations - they’ll cost you in the long run). 

When your bra doesn’t fit properly, it will cause major discomfort, particularly for underwire bras. Take the time to find the correct cup size for you and adjust the clasp (or side clasps as per The Bra Lab) so that you’re getting full coverage, no spillage and your straps don’t dig in.

Here are some common problems that might be making your bra uncomfortable and how you can deal with them quickly and easily:

1. Spilling out of the cups. 

This is a common problem and one that can be rectified quite simply. You need to go up a cup size. Some women complain that they spill out of the cups only monthly, in time with their cycle. In this case, size up for the monthly spillage. If your cup is a bit roomier for the rest of the month this is better than uncomfortable monthly spillage. 

So if you’re a 36C for example, we recommend sizing up to a 36D if you’re experiencing some spillage. Note how the bra cup in the image below sits flat against the model with no bulging at the top. 

 Bra sized properly.

2. Slipping straps

It is often advised to replace bras every 6 months. This is due to straps and back bands stretching out. At The Bra Lab we have replaceable straps and back bands so you can keep your cups for years and simply replace the bands when they stretch. Our back bands are particularly sturdy so you should also get over a year out of those with regular wear. 

Slipping straps are often the result of stretched out shoulder straps. This leads to discomfort and can also affect your posture. Regularly check if your shoulder straps need tightening.

Bra shoulder straps


3. You can feel your underwire.

This shouldn’t be uncomfortable if your bra fits properly. If you feel the wire rising up over the bust or digging in at the sides, it is likely the size or adjustment of the back band that is the problem (unless you also have spillage, in which case it’s the cup that is too small!). Either tighten your back band or go down a size. If you’re wearing The Bra Lab you have dual side adjustments making it easier to get a custom fit. Simply move each one in by one set of hooks. If it’s still digging in, try going down one size in the back band, for example, large to medium. 

In regular bras, if you have adjusted your back clasp to a tighter setting and this still doesn’t work, you will need to go down a size in the back.

Note that when first buying a bra your bra back band should feel snug on the loosest hook. This way, you can tighten it as it stretches over time. 


Side-clasp bra. Fit your bra on loosest hook.

4. Cup Gaping

This is very common for women with asymmetrical breasts and also breasts that are fuller at the bottom and flatter at the top. Sometimes cup gaping cannot be helped and you need to try different styles to get your perfect fit. For example, push up style bras are cut on a different angle to regular bras.

First, try tightening your straps. Women who experience gaping should go for firmer bra straps with less elastic. You can also try going down a size in your cup.

If your cup gapes on the sides, try criss crossing your straps or using a 2-in-1 ergonomic back strap. This may help to pull in your cup, reducing the gaping at the sides a little. Multiway bra straps are really ideal for this. 


5. Side Overflow

Side spillage is usually due to either the cup being too small or the back band being too loose (or both!). Try sizing up in the cup and if the bra no longer fits or continues to have the same issue, go down in the back band as well. Never underestimate a snug back band and what it can do for the fit of your bra and posture! 

Our custom fitted side-clasp design really helps to eliminate side spillage. And our ergonomic bra back band goes one step further to pull you in at the sides and top and help support good posture. Check it out here.


6. Cheap Bra Issues

We wanted to include this because it’s very rare to find a cheap bra that will give you a fine tuned and absolutely correct fit. Avoid buying cheap bras. Give up your takeaway coffee for a week or two if you have to, but please don’t buy cheap bras!

Bras are very difficult to design and manufacture. A cheap bra will likely not have the small details and nuances required to get each size to fit properly. They will also not have been fit tested and will use cheaper materials that will rub and irritate your skin. Cheaper bras generally don’t have necessary built-in stabilizers for support and this is more of a problem for larger-busted women.However, small chested women should still wear a supportive bra. 

And the worst part is that they won’t last very long which is not only bad for your wallet, but bad for the environment too.

Be wary of anything under $30 unless it’s on sale. As bra business owners, we can tell you that it’s very hard to be able to afford to make and sell a good quality bra for under $30.

At the Bra Lab, our prices are sold separately. Straps are much cheaper to make than bra cups and this is reflected in our pricing. You can also feel comfortable investing in a set of bra cups, knowing that when it comes to replacing your stretched out straps, it won’t cost you a lot. Our bra cups should last you for years if you launder them properly and lay them flat. 


7. Your Bra is worn out

Sometimes a bra that once fitted you well, no longer does. This is generally due to stretched out straps at the back and shoulders. In this case, it’s time for a new bra. 

We love that our Bra Lab customers don’t need to invest in a whole new bra when their straps wear out. They can simply ‘refill’ their straps. Go here to build a bra with The Bra Lab and you’ll never have to worry about your bra wearing out again. 

Have any bra fit questions? Leave a comment here or email us at and we'll respond within a few hours. 

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