Sudden Chic: These are the Women Changing the Future of the Bra in 2019

These are the Women Changing the Future of the Bra in 2019

Wondering what the best new bra brands are in 2019? You’ve come to the right place...
Likewise, sisters Gina Vericella Crevi and Jennifer Vericella Prado recently set out to redesign the bra from a woman’s point of view and have been granted two patents for their pieces sold through their company, The Bra Lab. Gina’s background in graphic design and fashion combined with Jennifer’s background working at the U.N. and a leading investment bank meant that they could easily team up to create a bra that’s unlike anything else out there. It features side clasps, instead is the usual hook and eyes positioned in the back. They’re designed so that women can change up the look by swapping out the back strap and the cups (each sold in “packs” or separately) to accommodate their bodies, outfits and day-to-day activities, all of which constantly change. The Bra Lab’s sizing ranges from 28 AA – 42 H because of its any combinations.
“It has not been an easy journey, from the depths of the L.A. fashion district, navigating on our own trying to figure out where to start, to competing with huge companies with a lot bigger budget and investors behind them,” says Jennifer. “Innovation has always come naturally as we come from family of creative people and entrepreneurs. We wanted to launch something that truly was different, unique and innovative. While most other bra companies advertise large size ranges, they are seldom in stock. Our design allows us to carry a wide range.”
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