Why Does Getting Dressed Everyday Take Way Too Long?

The day to day struggle of finding an outfit and feeling amazing in that outfit is a never ending battle it seems like. I mean we go shopping, buy cute clothes then when we get them home it seems so hard to create the perfect outfit! Do we get so fixated in self expression and overly obsessed with "what I wear, is who I am"? It's like a snowball effect and leaves you in a creative block. Then you opt for the same old black sweater which you know will work but come on, you're so sick of that black sweater!
1. CLOSET: Not being able to see your clothes!
2. DRAWERS: Unorganized and everything you want to wear is wrinkled.
3. BODY: We are our worst enemies! 
4. UNDERGARMENTS: You don't have the right bra to wear with that top or dress leaving you frustrated and moving on to the next look.
5. TIME: You don't have time to explore your options and get creative with your look.




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