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Your summer wardrobe will most likely include a few open-back tops and strapless dresses which will probably lead you to evaluate your undergarment choices this season. Let’s see, you can go strapless bra if you have one that doesn’t become uncomfortable, a sticky bra if it’s not too hot for it to melt off or if you’re blessed enough, you can just go without one all together. But what if I told you there was another option – one that gave you the advantage of a bra that didn’t actually look like one.
Cue The Bra Lab‘s collection of interchangeable back straps and shoulder straps that allow you to wear your bra – dare I say it – as a complementary piece to your outfit. Want to see more? Click through to the full post to learn more and see more!
With this floral maxi dress, I’m wearing The Bra Lab‘s faux leather back strap and shoulder straps in white. I thought that the white straps would really go with a lot of my bright summer pieces. I’m showing them with both straps just so you can see, but you don’t have to wear the shoulder straps at all if you don’t need them. The white back strap is all you really need with a dress like this.
Other strap options that I really like for summer are the black and white Parisian Pinstripe and the Rio Floral. You also have the option to criss-cross your straps or wear them for a one-shoulder top. See all of the inspiration in The Bra Lab gallery!
Are you feeling inspired enough to rock your own fun straps this summer? I sure hope so, because there is an Instagram giveaway happening over on the @apinchoflovely Instagram account in… 3… 2… 1
Find the giveaway photo on Instagram featuring an image from this post to find out all of the details on how to enter and then cross your fingers! Winner must follow @apinchflovely to be eligible!
Ps. If I would have found out about The Bra Lab sooner, I totally would have worn these fun straps for this White Off-the-Shoulder Romper!

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