Sheer Heat // A Style Pixie

I honestly use this purse on the daily. So, sorry if you need constant purse stimulation. As many of you know, it's starting to heat up here in Los Angeles. The lighter the fabric, the better a friend right now. That's why I'm thankful for this 337 brand shirt! It's lightweight and loose fitting to best keep your cool. You can throw a tank top underneath, if you're feeling shy (which is generally my method when going sheer), but I just found out about the Bra Lab. The Bra Lab has interchangeable back and shoulder straps! The coolest part is, there are tons of slots to position your shoulder straps, they can be haltered, crossed, both on one side... It's ridiculously great. I have a black pleather back panel and white pleather straps! They're perfect for backless garments.

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