Style Edit: I Do deCLAIRE

Laura from I Do deCLAIRE styles our Catalonian Lace back band with her open back sweater, giving her support and not compromising her style at the same time! Read more on here blog.
"These sequin pants have often been pulled out for winter holidays or date nights. This new burgundy sweater pairs perfectly with it. And a major plus is that this sweater shows off my Bra Lab bra. Typically I never get anything backless because of the bra issue, but The Bra Lab has solved that problem by designing interchangeable bras that are meant to be seen! This concept is really neat and innovative. You have the bra cups and can purchase different straps and backs for it to be shown off. I have this racerback one and a lace back and striped straps. The straps and backs are really inexpensive so you are getting more ‘bra for your buck’! Hurray for versatility on a budget!"

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